For Entrepreneurs

Indiana Region 9 recognizes that the American economy grows not only by the efforts of big corporations, but also by the individual efforts of entrepreneurs who embody the American spirit of innovation and self-determination. At Region 9 we know that today’s entrepreneurs are tomorrow’s employers and are the Workforce Heroes of the future and will help keep our area competitive in the 21st century economy.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Indiana Department of Workforce Development – DWD can provide a wealth of information to small and startup businesses in the state. It includes information on grants and tax credits to small business as well as providing relevant data and guidelines for regulatory compliance.

SoINbiz – A free service for small businesses and entrepreneurs within Indiana Region 9. The SoINbiz front door can draw the map of resources around you. It will connect you to the service providers who can help you manage your business and lead you to your next customer. It can create a business plan, show you who can help at each step, and provide you with the forms you’ll need to comply with federal, state, and local requirements. SoINbiz will equip you with the skills to better market and manage your business.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation
The Indiana Economic Development Corporation – IEDC is the State of Indiana’s lead economic development agency. It was established in 2005 to respond quickly to the needs of small businesses within the state. The IEDC provides an extensive listing of services, grants and initiatives designed to help small businesses compete in the 21st century marketplace.

Small Business Administration
Small Business Administration – U. S. Government Agency and web site-that provides information and services for small and entrepreneurial businesses. Site includes services such as Small business planner, links to federal and private grants, programs for small business, local resources, productivity tools, and interactive forums.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Entrepreneur Magazine – The web site provides information resources for entrepreneurs and new business developers. Including, ideas for points of entry to markets and experienced advice on structuring a small to mid-sized businesses

Forbes Magazine
Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs are by nature self-actualized people. But even the brightest of us can’t know everything about everything related to business. That’s when advice from experts can get you through. Forbes Magazine offers a free and open forum to network, ask questions, and share ideas and your expertise with other small business owners.