And the way others living with serious chronic conditions are treated.

Call for every ongoing medical health insurance intend to cover Phenylketonuria The following is an op-ed by Jeffrey Lewis, President of the Heinz Family Philanthropies: Credit Senators John Kerry and Robert Casey with a substantial contribution to the health care debate: a bill ends a glaring disparity in the manner Americans coping with Phenylketonuria control their potentially devastating disease, and the way others living with serious chronic conditions are treated. ‘The Medical Foods Equity Take action of 2009’ aims to save affected families thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs, trim long-term charges for the entire program, and offer 20,000 Americans a better shot at healthy, happy, and productive lives. What’s PKU? PKU inhibits the body’s capability to process protein, resulting in severe brain damage augmentation de la puissance .

We have to do more to ensure that parents have the information and tools they have to provide their children with a strong basis for learning. The survey provides state-by-state details on the %age of children whose parents read aloud to them daily. The figures show that reading rates vary by state significantly, with Vermont posting 68 Mississippi and % only 38 %. Among the findings for California: Reading rates vary by competition/ethnicity, with 58.5 % of white parents reporting daily reading, compared with a 37.9 % average for all the groups.