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Tom Harkin , chairman of the Senate Wellness, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, stated the working careers bill should include a yearlong expansion of unemployment insurance benefits. Harkin mentioned the Congressional Budget Workplace estimates the influence of extending unemployment insurance would create even more jobs then offering tax credits to companies who hire new workers.’ Furthermore, ‘Some Democrats and labor officials are also pressing Reid to add federal Medicaid assistance to states’ . The Washington Post: ‘Among the provisions that Reid delayed, and that are expected to move as another bill now, is the renewal of many expiring business taxes credits. Unemployment COBRA and insurance health advantages would be extended by three months, and doctors would get a seven-month delay in a scheduled rate cut for Medicare patients.Earlier research by his team indicated no lack of corneal endothelial cell, a measurement utilized to assess the basic safety of corneal treatments, in individuals who received collagen crosslinking. Related StoriesRXi Pharmaceuticals starts Phase 1/2 medical trial in ophthalmologyResearchers find ranibizumab drug as effective alternative to laser therapy for dealing with diabetic retinopathyAAO recognizes exceptional eye doctors and surgeons for invention in patient treatment For many people with keratoconus, collagen crosslinking can provide an improved and more permanent answer to their vision problems, said Dr. Vinciguerra. Given that no current treatment used in the U.S. Offers long term correction, this effective option represents a substantial advance for corneal medication. One in 2,000 people in the usa and worldwide are diagnosed with keratoconus, a disease that damages the collagen fibers that type the structure of the cornea, which may be the outer surface of the optical eye.