Mobile phones affect brain activity.

Mobile phones affect brain activity, study says Do cell phones cause cancer? New analysis doesn’t solution that nagging question, but it raises new concerns delivery to Sweden . In a report of 47 cell phone users, scientists showed a 50-minute cell contact boosts metabolic activity around the human brain nearest the phone antenna. The preliminary study – conducted by researchers in Sweden and at the University of Washington between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2009 – utilized high-tech imaging scans to monitor metabolism of the glucose glucose, which is considered a marker of activity.

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PLoS Med 4: e9.. Cell-based bone tissue engineering Within an article in PLoS Medicine, Gert Meijer and colleagues discuss the type of progress there has been in restoring the function of diseased or damaged bone by bone tissue regeneration. Until lately, state the authors, the use of bone grafts from a different area of the patient’s very own body provides been the number one choice for wanting to restore function. But there are major problems with such grafts-for example, eliminating bone from a different part of the physical body can lead to post-operative pain, infection, and unusual sensations at the removal site. An alternative is to use bone given by a donor-but such bone grafts from donors are much less successful and there exists a risk of transmitting infections from the donor to the recipient.