A scholarly research of 970 mothers and their newborn babies in Logan City.

Pre-term and low-birth weight babies stay static in hospital much longer after birth, have an increased risk of loss of life and are more likely to develop disabilities.’ Professor Barnett stated although air pollution levels in south-east Queensland were low compared with industrial cities, people’s exposure to the chemical poisons in vehicle emissions was fairly high due to our outdoor way of life and open houses. The study counted the amount of roads around the mother’s homes up to a 500 metre radius. ‘We examined the distance between your home and occupied roads to find the length at which the majority of the unwanted effects on birth outcomes occurred because this has implications for regional governments planning expansions or fresh roads,’ he said.If GM wheat is normally commercialized on a big scale, contamination of organic and conventional wheat will be inevitable. You can browse the full survey, No Hunger for Australian GM Wheat, here: GM wheat a significant threat to human being healthBesides the massive economic losses Australia would suffer because of adopting GM wheat – the majority of the countries to whom Australia exports its existing wheat crop, like the U.S., possess indicated vehement disapproval of GM wheat – the losses to individual wellness are also noteworthy. Once we explained in a recently available report published at NaturalNews, GM wheat is normally capable of completely reprogramming the human being genome, causing untold harm to human health.