An association of functional abdominal pain with internalizing symptoms.

It appears that those children with functional abdominal discomfort who cannot adapt to the pain certainly run the risk of developing a somatoform adjustment disorder.. Reason behind abdominal pain in kids with no apparent reason: Psychosomatic component A systematic review that is published in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics by Schulte and associates analyzes what’s the psychosomatic element of abdominal pain with no apparent cause in children.This year’s uptick, starting Jan. 1, will promote a stable scenery for the plans’ insurers, officials said . The Hill: Medicare Counselors Get Nearly $50M In Grants The federal government Medicare agency awarded nearly $50 million in grants Monday to convey offices that help seniors understand Medicare. The agency will award $46.5 million over the next year to State Health Insurance Assistance Programs . There are 54 SHIPS in the usa and the territories. The businesses provide one-on-one counseling to seniors about their Medicare benefits.