There is no treat for chronic bronchitis.

Give up smoking.The dangers of secondhand smoke are well documented. Children should never be exposed to secondhand smoke.Avoid exposure to irritants. Proper protection in the workplace is key to preventing exposure.Avoiding long contact with air pollution from heavy traffic might help prevent bronchitis.Stay from others you know have a cool or the flu.Wash the hands regularly to prevent the spread of infection. Chronic bronchitis can cause symptoms for prolonged intervals.In many cases, the symptoms of chronic bronchitis can be controlled with strict adherence to treatments recommended by your health-care professional.Smoking cigarettes cessation is a crucial element in determining an person`s supreme prognosis.In some cases, the symptoms shall progressively worsen and become debilitating from the repeated exacerbations of the condition.The agency may also use key federal and condition citrus health professionals and market leaders to create operating groups that will gather info and help address the vital issues identified at the summit. However, these operating groups could have no direct influence over State and Federal appropriations or regulatory activities. In March, 2007 the Murraya paniculata, known as orange jasmine or mock orange commonly, was positioned on the hot set of plants that serve as hosts for citrus greening by the Florida Section of Agriculture.