Can Cake Trigger Hives?

What causes hives? Could it have been the cake? – Sara Something in the cake can possess caused your son’s hives. Hives — raised, itchy patches on the skin — can develop when someone has contact with an allergen and the body releases a chemical called histamine. While hives themselves usually go away with time, they can be an indicator of a significant allergy. If so, a future allergic reaction might lead to more serious problems, like problems breathing. See the doctor to determine what triggered your son’s hives. If he has a food allergy, it’s important to possess it diagnosed so that your boy can learn to avoid potentially harmful foods and keep emergency medication with him at all times.‘Looking at such a large cohort of long-term survivors, we sought to understand the real latent effects of aggressive cancer treatments and what specific elements could affect various wellness outcomes and quality of life by adulthood.’ The analysis found that for the five-calendar year ALL survivors, the survival at 25 years was 87 %, and treatment method in addition to relapse status seemed to have an effect on survival. Survivors treated with RT got a standard survival of 87 % weighed against 96 % for those without RT, and general survival in those who relapsed within the 1st five years after diagnosis was just 63 % weighed against 93 % for individuals who did not relapse early.