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Five or six beers at 150 calorie consumption each equals an additional intake of 600-900 calories, and 3,500 calories equals one pound of excess fat. Additionally, alcohol usage can trigger late-evening eating, that may yield sustained weight gain. Sleep Patterns – It’s easy to get caught up in those past due nights, but regulated, good-quality sleep is essential in avoiding weight gain. Try to get at least six hours of rest per night. Stress Administration – Between leaving home, juggling coursework and classes, and adapting to brand-new surroundings, there are numerous stressors associated with freshman year that may negatively affect health.Today Although the term has disturbing connotations, during World War II people thought nothing of discussing ‘rapeseed,’ and the essential oil from those seeds was used for industrial purposes. The real problem with the name ‘rapeseed oil’ is definitely that the oil was so toxic that the FDA banned it for human consumption in 1956. Therefore when Canadian growers bred a fresh selection of rapeseed in the 1970s with a lower content of the toxic erucic acid, they determined they needed a fresh name for this.